Build Internet Cafe For Making Money Online

With a rise in the number of households that have Internet connections as well as the rise in mobile connectivity, some LAN center and Internet kafe owners are wondering how to diversity their revenue streams. 
Even in areas where permintaan for LAN centers and Internet cafes is still high, owners are often looking to increase profitability – who doesn’t want to make more money, right? 
The good news is as a LAN center or Internet café owner you probably already have the sumber needed to expand your business in one of three ways. 
Offer Local Computer Repair Services 
There is no doubt that members of your current konsumen Judi Bola Online Termurah Indonesia base will need repairs or want upgrades for their personal computers at some poin. 
Whether they want to increase the speed of their computer, need to remove a virus or need a part replaced, you are in a unique position to serve their needs. You already see them frequently and they trust that you know about “computers” because of the tipe of business you run. 
Computer Repair Services 
Offering local computer repair services is a great way to make extra money. (Image Source eboxsupport.) 
To start offering computer repair services all you need to do is create a daftar of new services, decide on prices and start advertensi it to your existing customers! 
You may want to add a new page to your web that provides details about your new services so that your customers and prospects can read up on what you have to offer. 
You can use the free SmartLaunch software to generate invoices for all your new clients. With SmartLaunch you can even create a variety of reports based on your new sales to help you allocate sumber and optimize which services you offer.